Budget Blues

We await the results of this week’s budget from Chancellor Phillip Hammond with some trepidation. My bet’s on a bit of a damp squib. There simply isn’t enough money available for a bumper giveaway plus, with Brexit looming and the chancellor’s position looking precarious, I can’t see that we are in [...]

The only certainty is that we’re heading for more uncertainty

Oh, it’s all so confusing. These darned Brexit negotiations, set to run and run. But sadly, we don’t have the luxury of time and we are not much clearer as to where the UK will end up after seemingly months of talks. The CBI, for one, has had enough of [...]

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Back to the Great Rate Debate

I genuinely tried not to write yet another blog on interest rates – I had a rant just two weeks ago – however, after reading views expressed by the Economist this week, I couldn’t resist. In my defence, I should note that a decision by the MPC is now imminent [...]

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DAX and the City

It was only in September that I said that the government needed to act quickly and decisively to reassure businesses about Brexit and transitional plans. Disappointingly, since then, very little detail has emerged. Nothing seems clear and we remain confused despite being told that ‘we are no longer at phase [...]

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The time has come…

So much debate over the last few months as to if and when the Bank of England’s Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) would raise interest rates. Well despite serious misgivings,  I think that the time is nigh, and next month, we will see the first increase in the cost of borrowing [...]

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When something so wrong feels so right

From the Treasury’s point of view, 2014’s changes to stamp duty have been a bumper success. Civil servants could barely contain their glee last week when HMRC revealed that, since then-Chancellor George Osborne hiked the rate for homes worth over £925,000, Stamp Duty receipts have risen by a whopping [...]

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Now is not the time for stalling

So, there’s a chance we might avoid the notorious cliff edge, then. I was pleased to see Prime Minister Theresa May announce plans last week for a two-year transition period, during which trade with the European Union should continue on current terms. EU migrants will still be able to live [...]

In danger of losing credibility

Another week, another debate about interest rates. Is now the right time for them to go up? If not, when? And should we turn off the QE tap at the same time? It’s all becoming rather interesting. Last week, members of the Bank's nine-strong Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) voted 7–2 [...]