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14-16 June 2016 | Barcelona

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Clayton Euro Risk is committed to being the company our clients count on to get the job done. We solve any problem, break down any barrier and overcome any obstacle to make our clients successful when they buy, sell and manage mortgages loans and other financial assets. Our clients are buyers/sellers of loans, and investors in loans at global financial institutions, investment banks and hedge funds. We have extensive experience in supporting transaction management activities for our clients in the lending industry.

Clayton’s Objectives:

  • To consistently achieve the highest levels of client satisfaction
  • To develop and implement industry-leading products and services
  • To enhance financial results and mitigate risk
  • To attract, retain and develop the best people
  • To organise and position our company for success


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Clayton Euro Risk executives promoted to board

Bristol, UK, 24 May 2016 – Clayton Euro Risk, the leading due diligence specialist, has promoted two of its directors to its board and that of its UK holding company. Managing Director of Operations Michael Chadwick and Chief Financial Officer David Avent both take seats on the UK boards of Clayton Euro Risk Limited and Clayton... Read More >

Tony Ward piece in Specialist Financial Introducer

You can read Tony Ward's article on the need for central banks to move away from using negative interest rates as a tool to boost their respective economies here. In this piece, Tony argues that negative interest rates are proving ineffective and new ideas are needed to help central banks in the struggle against recession.... Read More >

The new Dutch approach to mortgage origination

The Netherlands is Europe’s second largest mortgage market estimated to be over €600 billion in 2015. But since the financial crisis, new mortgage originations and public RMBS securitisations in the Netherlands and, indeed right across Europe, have fallen in number due to tighter regulation and cheaper financing available through the European Central Bank and the... Read More >

Mortgage Finance Gazette article from Tony Ward

Tony Ward, President and CEO of Clayton Euro Risk, gives his take on the economy, the money markets and mortgage funding in an interesting article entitled "Plenty of scope for innovation in mortgage funding". It includes insight into house price rises, mortgage growth potential, mortgage products, wholesale markets and a move to 'top down' funding models. Read... Read More >


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Tony Ward - Chief Executive Officer & President

When in doubt, play the house price card

Another day, another barrage of arguments encouraging us either to remain within or leave the European Union. Quite frankly I’m confused by it all: trying to differentiate fact... Read More >

Global ABS Conference 14-16 June, Barcelona

Members of the Clayton Euro Risk team will be attending this year's Global ABS Conference in Barcelona 14-16 June. We're an associate sponsor of the event and our... Read More >

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