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Clayton Euro Risk is committed to being the company our clients count on to get the job done. We solve any problem, break down any barrier and overcome any obstacle to make our clients successful when they buy, sell and manage mortgages loans and other financial assets. Our clients are buyers/sellers of loans, and investors in loans at global financial institutions, investment banks and hedge funds. We have extensive experience in supporting transaction management activities for our clients in the lending industry.

Clayton’s Objectives:

  • To consistently achieve the highest levels of client satisfaction
  • To develop and implement industry-leading products and services
  • To enhance financial results and mitigate risk
  • To attract, retain and develop the best people
  • To organise and position our company for success


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Guide to portfolio surveillance for GTNews

Portfolio surveillance is increasingly on regulators' agendas -- but what is it? How does it differ from portfolio monitoring or transparency? What aspects of a portfolio of loans does it cover? And what tools does one need to surveil effectively? Clayton Euro Risk's Simon Collingridge has written a comprehensive guide for online international treasury news... Read More >

Audio of Tony Ward speaking at Global ABS 2016

This month, our CEO Tony Ward took part in a panel debate at the Global ABS 2016 conference on RMBS post-deal surveillance and investor protection. The link below takes you to the audio file on IMN's website. You'll be asked to sign in using your LinkedIn account to listen. Tony's opening comments begin at 10... Read More >

Mortgage Solutions article on Tony Ward's comments at Global ABS 2016

Speaking as part of a panel discussion at the Global ABS Conference in Barcelona, CER's Tony Ward outlined his thoughts on why surveillance and ongoing monitoring of RMBS portfolios is rising up the agenda of European regulators. He also talked about why the American experience of the 2007 financial crash had led US regulators to... Read More >

RMBS portfolio surveillance to become regulatory priority, says Clayton Euro Risk’s Ward

Investors cannot afford to sit back and ‘rely on the rating given to a securitisation transaction at its outset’. This was the message from Tony Ward, president and chief executive of due diligence and surveillance specialist Clayton Euro Risk, to an audience at the Global ABS 2016 conference in Barcelona today. Speaking as part of a... Read More >


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Tony Ward - Chief Executive Officer & President

A final note about interest rates

At the risk of boring everyone, I regret that I am compelled to write another blog on the topic of interest rates. This weekend, an article by Andy Haldane,... Read More >

Tony Ward - Chief Executive Officer & President

Will the Rate Cut have any effect at all?

So now we have the historical rate cut to Bank Rate taking it down to 0.25%. I have been suggesting that this was something that should be avoided... Read More >

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